Running Seeds


Build a social running group based on solid principles through beginner run coaching – aimed at commercial organisations and grant funded community groups.

Service includes the setup of any necessary online tools, routes and other materials to sustain the group.  In order to be self-sustainable; identify run leaders to qualify and take on the management of the group.

Social running is an emerging mindset and is distinct from the traditional approach.  Priorities are set around intelligent discovery of the local area (to sustain interest) and support from the very introductory/walking levels.  Whilst some of the principles of Couch to 5k may be demonstrated, no timescale pressures allow life events to occur so as not to induce additional stress.

Progression comes naturally if interest is maintained, but the opportunity to push harder is always available if keeping within the safe bounds of increased load.

It has been suggested that Couch to 5k initiatives may have produced a large increase in knee injuries – as this program is often applied solo.  Running with a suitably qualified and experienced leader, ensures correct warm-up, stretching, form and advice to avoid injury.

Walking and cycling activities can also be included – all with public liability / indemnity insurance which is vital for workplace initiatives.

Demonstrate to the world how fantastic and motivated your workplace or group through social media and blogging coverage.

An initiative by Richard Warren.


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